Vesanoid Tretenoin 10mg

Vesanoid Tretenoin 10mg

Vesanoid 10mg (Tretenoin) - Vesanoid (Tretenoin) is a drug that is prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia. The drug is prescribed to patients who have not previously undergone therapy, as well as to patients who have had a relapse of the disease during previous therapy. General information about the drug For the drug Vesanoid 10mg (Tretenoin) - Vesanoid (Tretenoin), the price is not high, which guarantees its availability to patients. The drug belongs to the group of anticancer drugs, is a natural metabolite of retinol. The drug is available in capsules, they are opaque, soft, one half is orange, the other is brown-red. A green-yellow suspension is used as a filler. Tretinoin is used as the main active ingredient. Vesanoid 10mg (Tretenoin) - buy Vesanoid (Tretenoin)recommended for people who have been diagnosed with promyelocytic leukemia. The disease is serious, it must be treated taking into account many factors - therefore, therapy is carried out exclusively under the supervision of specialists (oncologist). Reviews of the drug are positive, patients claim that side effects are rare, they are not so pronounced. The drug has a quality certificate, it has been tested by scientists. If you are interested in the cost of Vesanoid 10mg (Tretenoin) - Vesanoid (Tretenoin) , please contact our consultants, contact phone numbers are listed in the corresponding section.

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Who can not be used? Among the contraindications are the following: • the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding; • can not be used in combination therapy with vitamin A; • not prescribed to patients who have identified sensitization to the main active ingredient, as well as to auxiliary components. Before use, it is imperative to consult a doctor, since he must individually select the dosage of the drug (it depends on the degree of the disease, the general condition of the patient, his age category).

What side effects can occur? The most common side effect is retinoic acid syndrome, in which symptoms characteristic of hypervitaminosis A are observed. To avoid undesirable effects, experts recommend strictly adhering to the prescribed dose, carefully study the instructions before use. About Vesanoid 10mg (Tretenoin) - Vesanoid (Tretenoin) reviews of people say that the patient may develop the following undesirable effects: • fever, increased body temperature; • a sharp drop in blood pressure; • weight gain, swelling of the limbs; • alopecia; • dry mucous membranes, etc. If unpleasant symptoms have been noted, you should immediately tell your doctor about this.

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