Zelgor Abiraterone acetate 250mg - analogue of Zytiga

Zelgor Abiraterone acetate 250mg - analogue of Zytiga

Oncology of the male genital area is increasingly common in modern medical practice. Moreover, treatment is often difficult due to too late detection of the disease. The new generation Indian drug Zelgor (Abiraterone) was created specifically for the effective therapy of prostate cancer. If it is included in the complex of treatment for diagnosed prostate cancer in the early stages, sick men have every chance to hope even for a complete recovery. You can buy Zelgor (Abiraterone Acetate) - Zytiga analog in our online pharmacy. Composition of the medicinal product The formula of the drug Zelgor is based on the main active ingredient - the substance abiraterone acetate. This agent reduces the production of testosterone and other androgens. This feature of the drug makes it an order of magnitude more effective than known analogues. Abiraterone is produced in tablets, packaged in special containers of 120 units. Each pill contains 250 mg of active agent. If you are interested in the actual cost for Zelgor (Abiraterone Acetate) - Zytiga analogue - contact the consultant of our pharmacy.

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Side effects During treatment with Zelgor, the following negative reactions may occur: • dizziness; • increase in blood pressure; • labored breathing; • muscle weakness; • nausea; • hypokalemia; • swelling. If such manifestations bother the patient, it is imperative to tell the doctor about the deterioration of health. Contraindications The drug Zelgor (Abiraterone acetate) - Zelgor (Abiraterone Acetate) - an analogue of Zytiga cannot be prescribed to patients who have: • renal failure; • severe liver dysfunction; • individual intolerance to the components of this medication. Care should be taken to appoint abiraterone to persons taking cardiac glycosides. These drugs are usually prescribed for heart failure.

Indications Zelgor is prescribed in combination with prednisone. This medicine is intended for use only in adult male patients who have been diagnosed with metastatic castration-resistant cancer. In most cases, the reason for such therapy is ineffective antiandrogenic treatment. A course is carried out before or after chemotherapy. To find out what is the price for Zelgor (Abiraterone Acetate) - Zytiga analogue (Abiraterone Acetate) - call our manager. Reception scheme Usually, the doctor for each patient prescribes an individual treatment program. In this case, the stage of the disease and the nature of the course must be taken into account. But the standard regimen involves a single dose of Zelgor at a dose equal to 1000 mg (4 tablets). It is recommended to take the tablets 2 hours after a meal or one hour before. The dose of prednisolone, which is taken in combination with Zelgor, is 10 mg. Note! If the patient has not undergone surgical castration, then pharmacological castration is prescribed. For the first three months of therapy, the aminotransferase level should be measured every two weeks. Usually about Zelgor (Abiraterone Acetate) - Zelgor (Abiraterone Acetate) - an analogue of Zytiga reviews are good.

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