Zelboraf Vemurafenib 240mg

Zelboraf Vemurafenib 240mg

How to use? Before you buy Zelboraf - Vemurafenib, it is imperative to read the instructions, as well as visit the oncologist. As a rule, experts prescribe a standard dosage of 4 tablets twice a day. It is noteworthy that the dose may vary depending on the severity of the disease, as well as the individual condition of the human body (for example, the presence of concomitant diseases, or old age). Oncologists do not recommend taking the drug on an empty stomach for a long time. In general, the best option is to eat foods rich in fats before taking them, since together with them, vemurafeni is better absorbed by the body, and the toxic effect is reduced. The tablets do not need to be chewed or crushed, they are swallowed whole with plenty of liquid. About Zelboraf - Vemurafenib reviews people who have been treated say that before starting therapy, it is necessary to conduct a BRAF V 600 mutation test - it must also be prescribed by an oncologist.

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Treatment principle If during therapy, relief does not come, or the doctor diagnoses toxic intolerance, in this case, therapy must be canceled. It is important to observe the interval between taking the medicine - it is at least 4 hours. If a medication was missed, in this case, in no case should one prescribed dosage be doubled - this is due to the fact that intoxication may occur. In addition, it is not relevant to drink a double dose of tablets at one time - since it is important that a certain amount of the active substance is constantly present in the body. If you want to know the cost of Zelboraf - Vemurafenib- you can always ask the consultants of our website. In addition, experts are ready to answer all your questions, and if necessary, the drug can be bought right there.

Who should buy the product? The drug is prescribed as monotherapy for malignant melanoma with the presence of the BRAF genetic mutation. Melanoma can be recurrent, with metastases, or not subject to surgery. On Zelboraf - Vemurafenib, the price is quite high, the drug is modern, but there are already positive reviews of therapy with the use of the drug. That is why many oncologists and scientists strongly recommend the remedy to patients who want to get rid of the disease, or at least prolong life and improve its quality.

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