Veenat Imatinib - Vinat

Veenat Imatinib - Vinat

Veenat (Imatinib) - Vinat (Imatinib) is an antineoplastic drug that is an inhibitor of protein tyrosine kinase. You can purchase this medicine by contacting our online pharmacy. We have a variety of medicines, including Veenat (Imatinib) - Vinat (Imatinib), the price of which is much lower than in other pharmaceutical outlets. Indications for use Veenat (Imatinib) - Vinat (Imatinib) is used in the treatment of the following diseases: • newly diagnosed chronic myeloid leukemia in adults and children; • metastatic or unresponsive to surgical treatment of tumors of the gastrointestinal tract; • metastatic or recurrent dermatofibrosarcoma.

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Side effects As evidenced by Veenat (Imatinib) - Vinat (Imatinib) reviews of patients and specialists, the drug can cause negative reactions from various body systems: • nosebleeds; • shortness of breath, cough; • decrease in the level of hemoglobin, neutrophils, lymphocytes, platelets; • pain in bones and muscles; • muscle spasms; • convulsions; • headache; • dizziness; • tremor; • drowsiness; • nausea and vomiting; • painful sensations in the abdomen; • bowel disorder; • increased gas production; • constipation; • dryness in the mouth; • anorexia; • increased sweating; • skin rashes; • dermatitis. How much does the drug cost? To clarify information about what Veenat (Imatinib) - Vinat (Imatinib) has at the moment, call our consultant.

Mode of application The drug Veenat (Imatinib) - Vinat (Imatinib) can be bought exclusively in the form of tablets, each of which contains 50, 100 or 400 mg of the active ingredient imatinib, or in the form of gelatin capsules containing 50 or 100 mg of the active ingredient. The medicine is taken orally during meals and washed down with plenty of fluids to reduce the likelihood of gastrointestinal disorders. The daily dosage is calculated by the doctor, based on the type of disease, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient's body. If 400 or 600 mg is prescribed, the agent is taken in one dose. If 800 mg is prescribed, the daily dose should be divided into two parts, one of which must be taken in the morning, the other in the evening. Contraindications The absolute contraindications include: • carrying a baby and breastfeeding; • hypersensitivity to any component of the product. The drug is prescribed with caution in the presence of conditions such as: • diseases of the heart and blood vessels; • the risk of the threat of heart failure; • the need for hemodialysis; • severe renal or hepatic impairment.

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