Sunitix 50mg Sunitinib - analogue of Sutent

Sunitix 50mg Sunitinib - analogue of Sutent

A drug called Sunitix 50mg (Sunitinib) - Sunitix 50mg (Sunitinib) - an analogue of Sutent is prescribed to patients with cancer. Therapy must be carried out strictly under the supervision of a doctor, the same applies to the dosage - it is calculated by an oncologist who has experience in treating cancer patients. Indications for the use of the drug Sunitix 50mg (Sunitinib) - Sunitix 50mg (Sunitinib) - an analogue of Sutent can be bought here at an adequate price. The medicine is prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with the following: • gastrointestinal stromal tumors - if the effect of previous therapy is absent; • locally advanced cancer or organ damage by metastases in patients who have previously received specific treatment using other drugs; • malignant transformation of the epithelium that lines the renal tubules; • renal cell carcinoma with lung metastases. In Sunitiks 50mg (Sunitinib) - Sunitix 50mg (Sunitinib) - an analog of the cost of Sutenton the website of our online pharmacy is much lower than that of competitive websites. The drug is prescribed in cases where the disease begins to progress when using therapy in a different direction.

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What side effects can you experience? When using the drug, in some cases, undesirable effects may occur - in this case, it is better to immediately consult a specialist, the patient may need to adjust the dose. At Sunitix 50mg (Sunitinib) - Sunitix 50mg (Sunitinib) - an analogue of Sutent, the price is quite high, but it must be remembered that the medicine significantly increases the chances of recovery. Consider the most common negative reactions: • a feeling of fatigue, a significant decrease in performance; • problems with the gastrointestinal tract - diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, sudden weight loss; • the appearance of allergic reactions, rash, the appearance of age spots, severe dryness of the skin; • increased blood pressure, tachycardia. Also, experts note that the patient may develop neutropenia. Mainly aboutSunitix 50mg (Sunitinib) - Sunitix 50mg (Sunitinib) - analogue of Sutent reviews are good. Contraindications to the use of the drug The medicine is forbidden to be used by women in position, as well as by mothers who are breastfeeding. Pregnancy cannot be planned for at least three months after the completion of treatment. During treatment, it is very important to protect yourself - the partners must decide this issue first of all. Numerous studies have been carried out, which have proven that the use of the drug adversely affects the fertility of women, as well as men. Use in case of impaired liver and kidney function with caution, always under the supervision of a doctor.

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