Revlimid Lenalidomide 25mg

Revlimid Lenalidomide 25mg

The drug Revlimid 25mg (Lenalidomide) - Revlimid - Lenalidomide is an analogue of thalidomide, acts as an immunomodulatory agent, has powerful antitumor properties - therefore it is prescribed to patients who have oncological diseases. Produced in the form of capsules, lenalidomide acts as an active active ingredient. You can purchase the drug on the website of our online pharmacy at an affordable cost. Information support of consultants is also possible - call the phone number that is indicated in the contacts.

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What is the principle of the drug? The drug acts as: • immunomodulating; • antineoplastic; • erythropoietic agent. It can act directly on the human immune system, inhibiting the development and growth of malignant cells. Suspends damage to blood vessels, helps block endothelial cells. It also has the ability to increase the level of T cells - they fight against malignant cells in the body. You can buy the remedy here, but it is important to remember that only a doctor should prescribe a drug, and therapy is also carried out under the supervision of a specialist. You can find out what is the price for Revlimid 25mg (Lenalidomide) - Revlimid - Lenalidomide by contacting the manager of our online pharmacy.

general information Take only as directed by an oncologist, usually this medication is prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. If during therapy it is possible to get an answer, then all the symptoms characteristic of this disease disappear for a certain time. In our pharmacy you can buy Revlimid 25mg (Lenalidomide) - Revlimid - Lenalidomide inexpensively. In order to increase the effectiveness of treatment, doctors prescribe complex therapy in conjunction with dexamethasone, prednisone, or melphalan. The treatment regimen implies the inclusion of this group of drugs at the beginning of therapy, after which only Revlimid is enough in order to maintain the positive effect of therapy. If you are interested in Revlimid 25mg (Lenalidomide) - Revlimid - Lenalidomide cost- the current price can be checked with the employee of our online pharmacy. The most important feature of the drug is that thanks to it you can significantly reduce the signs, as well as the symptoms characteristic of multiple myeloma. For a while, the disease recedes, and this factor has already been confirmed by thousands of people who have been treated with this medicine. In addition, an oncologist may prescribe a remedy for myelodysplastic syndrome or mantle cell lymphoma. Clinical studies confirm that the drug can significantly increase the number of healthy red blood cells, as well as reduce the number of abnormal cells. You can read about the drug Revlimid 25mg (Lenalidomide) - Revlimid - Lenalidomide reviews on the forums - as a rule, they are positive.

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