Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide - analogue of Imnovid

Pomalid 4mg Pomalidomide - analogue of Imnovid

Pomalid is a newer class of immunomodulatory drugs for the treatment of multiple myeloma, approved for use in combination with dexamethasone. Contact our online pharmacy and we will tell you what is the price of Pomalid (Pomalidomide) - Pomalid (Pomalidomide) - analogue of Imnovid . We give a guarantee of the quality and authenticity of the medicine, as well as prompt delivery to any region. Indications for use The drug is prescribed for the treatment of multiple myeloma in adult patients who have undergone at least two courses of therapy with bortezomib and lenazalidol, in whom the disease progresses against the background of the last therapy. Mechanism of action Pomalid (Pomalidomide) - Pomalid (Pomalidomide) - an analogue of Imnovid is highly effective against myeloma, has an immunomodulatory effect, helps to suppress cells that cause tumor growth. Mode of application The preparation Pomalid (Pomalidomide) - Pomalid (Pomalidomide) - an analogue of Imnovid can be bought in the form of gelatin capsules, which are taken orally. The medicine should be swallowed whole with plenty of water, the intake does not depend on the time of eating. If for some reason the next dose was missed, you do not need to take an additional dose, you need to return to the planned scheme.

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Effectiveness of application Conducted clinical trials, in which more than 400 patients participated, as well as available about the drug Pomalid (Pomalidomide) - Pomalid (Pomalidomide) -imnovid analogue reviewsexperts prove that the drug significantly increases the remission time and increases the overall life expectancy. Contraindications The drug is not prescribed in the presence of the following conditions: • carrying a child and breastfeeding; • children's age (up to 18 years old); • hypersensitivity to pomalidomide or another substance that is part of the drug. Side effects The following side effects may occur with this drug: • pneumonia; • infections of various kinds; • bronchitis; • infectious diseases of the respiratory tract; • deterioration in appetite; • thrombosis; • bone pain; • impaired renal function; • vomiting; • bowel disorder; • constipation; • confusion of consciousness; • tiredness; • nose bleed; • rashes; • itching; • dizziness.

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