Pemnat Pemetrexed - Analogue of Alimt

Pemnat Pemetrexed - Analogue of Alimt

Pemnat is an anticancer drug that is intended for carrying out chemotherapeutic procedures to treat patients with diagnosed oncology. If you need the medicine Pemetrexed - Pemnat (Pemetrexed) - Buy Alimt's analogyou can find it in our online pharmacy. The danger of malignant tumors lies in the fact that they spread metastases, and also affect the internal organs of a person. Malignant neoplasm can not only increase in size, but also form secondary foci. The main purpose of the drug Pemnat is to block the processes that are responsible for the development and spread of the tumor. Due to this, tumor metastasis gradually slows down or stops completely, in addition, tumor cells are destroyed. We can guarantee you not only the prompt delivery of the drug to any region, but also the fact that the price for the medication you need, including Pemetrexed - Pemnat (Pemetrexed) - Analogue of Alimt, will be cheaper than in other pharmacies. Indications for use This medicine is prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with diseases such as: • pleural mesothelioma - a disease that is considered quite rare. It is a malignant tumor. • non-small cell tumor of the bronchi or lungs. Method of application Dosage of Pemetrexed - Pemnat (Pemetrexed) - Alimt analog is determined by the oncologist. For the treatment of lung tumors, the following is used: • the first line of therapy, which involves the simultaneous administration of this drug together with cislpatine. The course consists of several cycles, which last for 21 days. The introduction of funds is carried out on the first day of the cycle. Cisplatin is administered 30 minutes later. • the second line of therapy is monotherapy using the drug Pemnat. The cyclicality is the same.

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Contraindications With extreme caution, the drug is prescribed to patients with impaired renal function, high bilirubin levels, and an increase in the activity of liver transaminases. Available about the drug Pemnat (Pemetrexed) - Pemnat (Pemetrexed) - An analogue of Alimt, expert reviews say that there is a great risk of undergoing chemotherapy procedures using Pemnat during the period of gestation. To date, there is no information on its use in the treatment of pregnant women, but when prescribing the drug, the doctor must evaluate the potential harm with benefit. Side effects When taking the drug, the following side effects may occur: • fatigue; • fever; • rashes; • chest pain; • susceptibility to infectious diseases; • nausea, vomiting; • bowel disorder, constipation; • dehydration; • allergic reactions. To clarify what is currently relevant for Pemetrexed - Pemnat (Pemetrexed) - Analogue of Alimt , you can contact our specialist by phone.

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