Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - analogue of Ibrans (Ibrance)

Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - analogue of Ibrans (Ibrance)

Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - analogue of Ibrans / Ibrance is a modern medicine for the treatment of metastatic or locally advanced breast cancer. The active substance Palbociclib Ibrans makes it possible to reduce the rate of development of cancerous tumors, quickly restoring the patient's body. You can buy Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - an analogue of Ibrans / Ibrance on our portal at a time convenient for you. The drug is available in the form of hard gelatin capsules. You need to contact your doctor so that he can develop an optimal treatment regimen. He changes it during therapy or completely cancels the medication intake if there are negative reactions from the patient's body.

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Indications for use This drug is prescribed with fulvestrant to treat a woman if she has breast cancer. The disease can be metastatic or locally advanced. Often a medication is prescribed if other treatments have not yielded the expected results. It is imperative to pass the prescribed tests and undergo diagnostics of the body, because it is necessary to completely exclude negative reactions from the body to therapy. Only in this case it is possible to cope with a dangerous disease and its symptoms. Contraindications There are contraindications to taking this medication. Therapy cannot be performed if the patient: • suffers from high sensitivity to the components that make up the drug; • has impaired kidney or liver function; • needs hemodialysis; • is breastfeeding or in position. On Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - an analogue of Ibrans / Ibrance, the reviews are positive. This modern medicine has proven itself well in medical practice. During therapy, the patient should be regularly monitored by the attending physician, who will promptly make adjustments to the treatment regimen.

Mode of application You can find out on Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - analogue of Ibrans / Ibrance on our portal. You need to take the drug in accordance with the recommendations from the manufacturer. The capsules are swallowed whole without chewing them. The dosage for the patient is 125 mg if the health problems are not too serious. The drug is taken at the rate of one capsule once a day at the same time. When 21 days have passed, you need to take a break for a week. The therapy continues until the patient recovers completely or until she improves her health to the desired level. Side effects Side effects on therapy often appear if the rules for taking the medication are not followed. These include the following reactions from the body:• disruption of the functioning of the digestive tract;• lack of appetite;• severe headaches, constant feeling of fatigue;• rashes, dry skin;• nosebleeds.Exact Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - Palbonix (Palbociclib 125mg) - analogue of Ibrans / Ibrance price is indicated on our portal. You can order the medication at a convenient time for you with home delivery.

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