Osicent Osimertinib - Osisent - analogue of Tagrisso

Osicent Osimertinib - Osisent - analogue of Tagrisso

Osicent (Osimertinib) - Osisent (Osimertinib) - analogue of Tagrisso, a powerful antineoplastic agent. Kinase inhibitor. Osistant is an analogue of the effective anticancer drug Tagrisso, and is a kinase inhibitor. Its active ingredient is osimertinib. In our online pharmacy you can buy Osicent (Osimertinib) - Osicent (Osimertinib) - an analogue of Tagrisso, the cost of which is the lowest here. Indications Non-small cell lung cancer in patients whose disease progresses during treatment with tyrosine kinase. Mode of application The release form of the drug Osicent (Osimertinib) - Osisent (Osimertinib) - analogue of Tagrisso, which can be bought in our online pharmacy - coated tablets containing 40 or 80 mg of the active ingredient. The standard dosage is 80 mg taken once a day. Reception is internal, carried out regardless of the time of eating. Discontinue therapy if the tumor progresses or if severe side effects occur. If you miss the next dose, you do not need to take an additional one, the treatment should be continued according to the established scheme.

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Side effects In the course of clinical trials, it was found that patients who take Osistente most often experience the following side effects: • diarrhea; • skin rashes; • nausea; • dryness of the skin; • deterioration of the condition of the nail plates; • cough; • fatigue; • stomatitis; • stomatitis; • deterioration in appetite; • migraine. More rarely, in 2% of patients the following negative reactions are observed: • impaired blood circulation in the brain; • lowering the level of neutrophilic granulocytes; • pulmonary embolism; • pneumonitis. The use of the drug can cause disturbances in the functioning of the heart and lungs. The patient should consult a doctor if clinical manifestations are detected that are associated with damage to these organs: • shortness of breath; • labored breathing; • cough; • rapid heartbeat; • swelling of the legs; • fever; • dizziness. Depending on how serious the patient's condition is, the doctor makes adjustments to the treatment regimen or suspends it. If you have any questions about the drugOsicent (Osimertinib) - Osisent (Osimertinib) - analogue of Tagrisso price , method of delivery and payment, you can clarify the information from our manager by contacting him at the specified phone number.

Contraindications Osicent (Osimertinib) - Osisent (Osimertinib) - an analogue of Tagrisso, patient reviews are extremely positive, but not prescribed in the following cases: • children's age; • pregnancy (due to the potential harm that the drug has on the fetus); • lactation (at the time of treatment, the child should be transferred to formula feeding); • allergy to the components that make up the drug.

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