Lenvanix 4mg Lenvatinib - Analogue of Lenvim

Lenvanix 4mg Lenvatinib - Analogue of Lenvim

The drug Lenvaniks 4mg (Lenvatinib) - Lenvanix 4mg (Lenvatinib) - Analogue Lenvima today quite often used in anti-cancer therapy. This tool belongs to a group of drugs that are protein kinase inhibitors. The drug is used both for monotherapy and in combination with other drugs. Release form, composition Levantinib is produced in capsules, in which, in addition to the main active ingredient (levantinib mesylate), there are a number of auxiliary ingredients. The capsules have a reddish-orange body with markings. Inside each capsule are granules containing the drug. Since the drug is produced with different dosages of the active ingredient, the capsule body has the designation: lenv 4vg or lenv 10 mg. In our pharmacy you can buy Lenvanix 4mg (Lenvatinib) - Lenvanix 4mg (Lenvatinib) - Lenvim's analogue to buy inexpensively.

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Side effects Among the frequently encountered negative manifestations, which are explained by the intake of Levantinib capsules, one should highlight: • diarrhea; • loss of appetite; • increased blood pressure; • stomatitis; • cough; • a sharp decrease in body weight. In rare cases, signs of heart failure, heart attacks and cerebral circulation disorders are recorded. You can read about the drug Lenvanix 4mg (Lenvatinib) - Lenvanix 4mg (Lenvatinib) - Analogue Lenvim reviews on the forums - as a rule, they are positive.

Mechanism of action Levantinib is selective. It inhibits the activity of kinases (enzymes that catalyze the transfer of phosphoryl residue) of individual receptors in the inner wall of blood vessels. Also, the drug has an inhibitory effect on other receptors that are involved in oncogenic mechanisms. The efficacy of Levantinib has been clinically confirmed in the treatment of patients with thyroid cancer and advanced renal cell carcinoma with extensive metastases. Find out what is Lenvanix 4mg (Lenvatinib) - Lenvanix 4mg (Lenvatinib) - Lenvim's analogue priceyou can by contacting the manager of our online pharmacy. When the use of the drug is indicated Since Levantinib has a selective effect, its use is justified in such forms of cancer: • Progressive thyroid carcinoma (insensitive to radioactive iodine). • Advanced renal cell carcinoma. With this pathology, Levantinib is prescribed in combination with everolimus after a course of targeted (targeted) therapy. Contraindications The following conditions are a complete prohibition on the use of this antitumor agent: • hypersensitivity to the active agent of the composition of the medication or any auxiliary component; • chronic renal pathology in the terminal stage; • period of pregnancy; • when breastfeeding; • childhood. Care should be taken when prescribing Levantinib in patients who have: • severe liver failure; • arterial thromboembolism (up to 6 months); • failure of kidney function; • if you received radiation therapy; • after surgical operations; • persons over 75 years old. It is also recommended to use the medicine with caution for the treatment of patients with certain congenital heart pathologies, certain types of arrhythmias. Therapy for this category of patients should be carried out with constant ECG monitoring. If you are interested inLenvaniks 4mg (Lenvatinib) - Lenvanix 4mg (Lenvatinib) - Analogue of Lenvim cost - the actual price today can be checked with the employee of our online pharmacy.

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