Lenalid Lenalidomid 5mg - analogue of Revlimid

Lenalid Lenalidomid 5mg - analogue of Revlimid

Lenalid Lenalidomid - Lenalid Lenalidomide - an analogue of Revlimid Revlimid 5mg is an effective anticancer drug intended for the treatment of multiple myeloma. The main active ingredient of the drug is able to slow down the release of pro-inflammatory peptide molecules and at the same time stimulates the growth of blood cells of the peripheral system. As a result, the use of the drug allows achieving a triple effect: it relieves inflammation, stops the process of tumor development and normalizes the body's immune properties. In our Internet pharmacy, the most favorable price for Lenalid Lenalidomid is Lenalid Lenalidomide is an analogue of Revlimid Revlimid 5mg . Danger of disease Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the blood in which there is an uncontrolled accumulation of plasma cells in the bone marrow, which leads to the destruction of the bone marrow. Currently, there is no effective treatment for this disease, but it is possible to significantly slow down the progression of the disease. For a long time, pathology can develop asymptomatically, however, as plasma cells accumulate in the bones, the disease begins to manifest itself at the external level, causing the following symptoms: • weight loss; • bone pain, frequent fractures; • pathological thirst; • kidney pathology; • lethargy and constant fatigue; • frequent infections; • feeling of nausea, up to vomiting. If such symptoms appear, you should consult a specialist.

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Unwanted side effects Taking Revlimid can lead to 4 undesirable side effects: • various types of anemia, leukocytosis; • heart palpitations; • venous thrombosis; • pulmonary edema; • endocrine pathologists; • tinnitus, hearing loss, up to deafness, oily sensations in the ears; • blurred vision, itchy eyes; • nausea, stool disorder, abdominal pain; • pain in the tongue, bleeding gums; • feeling of dryness in the mouth, stomatitis; • absence or increased salivation; • fungal infections, rashes; • muscle pain, joint swelling; • change in taste, loss of taste; • memory impairment, impaired cerebral circulation; • erectile dysfunction; • kidney pathology, impaired urination, urinary incontinence; • shortness of breath, shortness of breath, asthma; • chills, feverish conditions; • pain in the chest area, fever. Revlimid is an analogue of lenalidomide, has similar pharmacological properties at an affordable cost. This allows for effective treatment with significant cost savings. About the drugLenalid Lenalidomid - Lenalid Lenalidomide - an analogue of Revlimid Revlimid 5mg reviews are only positive.

How to use the product? Revlimid is intended for internal daily use only, at the same time. It is recommended to drink the capsules with water without chewing them. The treatment regimen is prescribed by the attending physician, based on the patient's condition and the reaction of his body to the action of the drug. If necessary, the specialist makes dosage adjustments. The starting dose is 25 mg for a single daily dose. In our Internet pharmacy you can buy Lenalid Lenalidomid - Lenalid Lenalidomide - analogue of Revlimid Revlimid 5mg buy with delivery. Contraindications for admission Revlimid is not prescribed in the following cases: • during pregnancy and during breastfeeding; • if there is a need to preserve childbearing potential; • childhood; • with individual sensitivity to drug components; • with congenital lactose intolerance and other pathologies. To find out what is the cost for Lenalid Lenalidomid - Lenalid Lenalidomide - analogue of Revlimid Revlimid 5mg - contact the manager of our website.

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