Kstandi Enzalutamide - Xtandi 40mg

Kstandi Enzalutamide - Xtandi 40mg

Kstandi is a drug, the active ingredient of which is Enzalutamide. Indications for use are a prostate tumor that does not respond to treatment with hormonal drugs in male patients. This disease is usually characterized by rapid progression. You can buy the drug in our online pharmacy. The funds presented here, including Xtandi (Enzalutamide) - Xtandi (Enzalutamide) are the most profitable. Mechanism of action Enzalutamide is a potent androgen receptor inhibitor. The substance helps to suppress cancer cells. In addition, as evidenced by the drug Kstandi (Enzalutamide) - Xtandi (Enzalutamide), expert reviews , the tool induces the death of tumor cells and leads to regression of the disease.

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Mode of application The release form of the drug is gelatin capsules intended for internal use, while they cannot be opened and chewed. Reception is carried out daily, at the same time, regardless of food intake. The standard dosage is 160 grams per day, which corresponds to four capsules. It should be noted that only a doctor can make adjustments to the treatment regimen. The duration of therapy is calculated by a specialist, taking into account the rate of tumor regression. It should be borne in mind that the price for the drug Kstandi (Enzalutamide) - Xtandi (Enzalutamide) may change, so if you need this drug for treatment, check the actual cost by calling our manager. Contraindications This drug is not prescribed for people who are in one of the following categories: • Children under 18 years of age. • women; • serious disorders in the functioning of the liver; • individual intolerance to the active ingredient and other substances that make up the product.

Side effects The use of Kstandi (Enzalutamide) - Xtandi (Enzalutamide) should be agreed with the doctor, since its action can provoke the following negative reactions from the body: • increased fatigue; • asthenia; • anxiety; • headache; • decreased concentration of attention; • memory impairment; • arterial hypertension; • itching and dryness of the skin. More detailed information about possible side effects should be checked with your doctor. If you need the drug Xtandi (Enzalutamide) - Xtandi (Enzalutamide) for treatment, you can buy it by placing an order on our website. To do this, you just need to call our specialist at the specified phone number.

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