Ibrutinib Ibrucent - analogue of Imbruvik

Ibrutinib Ibrucent - analogue of Imbruvik

Mode of application The drug Ibrutinib (Ibrutinib) - Ibrucent (Ibrutinib) - an analogue of Imbruvik which you can buy in our online pharmacy, is available in the form of capsules. Reception is oral. The medicine does not need to be opened, the contents must be poured out, it is necessary to swallow it whole with a large amount of liquid, you cannot use grapefruit juice for these purposes. In the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma, the drug is taken at a dosage of 560 mg, which is taken once a day. In the treatment of lymphocytic leukemia, the daily dose is 420 mg. The use of the drug must be continued until a positive effect of therapy is observed, or until severe side effects occur. Contraindications Contraindications to taking the drug include the following: • individual intolerance to ibrutinib and other components of the drug; • carrying a baby and breastfeeding; • children's age (under 18 years old); • severe hepatic or renal impairment; • the need for hemodialysis.

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Side effects Ibrutinib - Ibrucent (ibrutinib) - the analogue of Imbruvik has good reviews , but can cause the following negative reactions from the body: • infection; • decreased appetite; • deterioration of vision; • migraine; • dizziness; • the formation of hematomas; • increased blood pressure; • inflammation of the oral mucosa; • pain in the abdominal region; • stool disorders, constipation; • cough and shortness of breath; • pain in muscles and joints; • skin rashes; • weight loss; • swelling of the legs. If you want to know what is the current price for the drug Ibrutinib - Ibrucent (Ibrutinib) - an analogue of Imbruvik , contact our manager, he will provide you with all the information you need.

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