Herzon Trastuzumab - Herclon Trastuzumab -Herceptin 440mg

Herzon Trastuzumab - Herclon Trastuzumab -Herceptin 440mg

Herzon (Trastuzumab) - Herclon (Trastuzumab) - an analogue of the anticancer agent called Herceptin. This is a biological drug that is very actively used today to treat tumors in the mammary gland and stomach cancer. The advantage of the drug is a different principle of action on the body than that of chemotherapy drugs. For example, chemotherapy drugs destroy healthy cells in addition to harmful malignant cells. Herzon, due to the fact that it is a biological agent, works in a different way, without having a negative effect on health. Method of using the drug Herzon can be used both independently and in combination with other drugs, for example, chemotherapy or hormonal drugs. When treating a breast tumor, Herzon is prescribed in combination with paclitaxel. As a rule, this treatment regimen is used in cases when the patient has a positive test result for the HER-2 receptor. Also, breast cancer therapy involves the use of hormonal drugs. If the patient has previously received chemotherapy, the doctor may choose other additional drugs for him. Herzon is considered very effective in the treatment of gastric cancer after removal of metastases. It is also suitable for the treatment of the transition between the stomach and the esophagus. This option also involves the use of chemotherapy drugs. If you wishHerzon (Trastuzumab) - Herclon (Trastuzumab) -Herceptin buy - just call us, we will help you place your order and deliver it

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Mechanism of action The main active ingredient in Herzon is trastuzumab. This component belongs to the group of monoclonal bodies. Trastuzum possesses antitumor activity, which is why it is used in cancer therapy. The main property of trastuzumab is that it is able to accurately identify HER-2 receptors and interact directly with them. So, trastuzumab replaces XEP-2, preventing tumors from growing and developing. As a result, the process of reproduction of burp cells stops. On Herzon (Trastuzumab) - Herclon (Trastuzumab) -Herceptin reviews are mostly positive, which indicates the easy tolerance of the drug. We have on Herzon (Trastuzumab) - Herclon (Trastuzumab) -Herceptin cost quite acceptable, and the order can be made at any convenient time.

Instructions for use Before you start taking Herzon, it is imperative to conduct a study for the presence of the HEP-2 receptor. The fact is that the drug works only with a positive result. Herzon is administered only intravenously. The standard dosage is 4 mg per kilogram of body weight. If therapy is aimed at maintaining the achieved effect, the dosage should be reduced to 2 mg. During treatment, the dosage of the drug can be adjusted depending on the patient's health status and changes in the tumor. If you want to know what is the price for Herzon (Trastuzumab) - Herclon (Trastuzumab) - Herceptin , just contact us.

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