Gefticip 250mg gefitinib - analogue of Irsess

Gefticip 250mg gefitinib - analogue of Irsess

For the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer in men and women, there is an effective drug Geftisip (gefitinib) - Gefticip (gefitinib) - an analogue of Irsess . It is able to inhibit signaling pathways that cause cancer cell growth. Drug action Lung cancer can be caused by constant cell division caused by normal cell growth. Such a failure contributes to the proliferation of cancer cells, the tumor begins to grow. Due to the fact that the active ingredient in the drug is gefitinib, Gefitinib is able to: • stop the growth and spread of tumor cells; • accelerate their apoptosis; • increase the activity of anticancer chemicals, as well as hormonal or radiation therapy. The drug is used only if non-small cell lung cancer is detected with the detection of epidermal growth factor receptor mutations. You can buy Geftisip (gefitinib) - Gefticip (gefitinib) - analogue of Irsess to buyin our online pharmacy. Before starting treatment, the patient must undergo an examination so that the attending physician can determine whether this drug will have an effective effect on the body. During the period of therapy, the patient must be under constant medical supervision. It is necessary to control the blood composition during therapy to determine the state of the liver.

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Side effects Side effects may occur as follows: • nausea and vomiting; • dizziness; • nose bleed; • bloody discharge in the urine; • discomfort of the eyes - pain and irritation, active growth of eyelashes may be detected; • rapid fatigability, general weakness, drowsiness; • noticeable loss of body weight; • inflammation of the skin, acne, dryness, itching. If a severe cough develops while taking the drug, it is required to notify the doctor about this, as there is a threat to the lungs. Usually about Geftisip (gefitinib) - Gefticip (gefitinib) - an analogue of Irsess the reviews are good. The drug should not be taken by women during gestation, since potent components can harm it, as well as women during lactation

Release form "Geftinat" is produced in the form of tablets intended for oral administration. Each 250 mg. The package contains 30 of them. If you are interested in Gefticip (gefitinib), which is an analogue of Irsess, which is relevant for Gefitinib , please contact our pharmacy consultant. Application The daily dose is usually one tablet. During therapy with this drug, only oral contraceptives are taken. The treatment is quite simple: a pill is taken and then washed down with water. It does not depend on food intake, since this does not affect the bioavailability, which is up to 60 percent. The drug is absorbed relatively slowly, reaching the highest plasma concentration in 3–7 hours. Stability of concentration in blood plasma is achieved after 7-10 times of use. It is excreted almost completely along with feces. The drug is very effective, but at the same time it is toxic, so those patients who have a hard time tolerating side effects should inform their doctor about it. Treatment may need to be suspended for 14 days and then restarted. To find out which one is onGeftisip (gefitinib) - Gefticip (gefitinib) - analogue of Irsess price - call our manager.

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