Evertor 5mg Everolimus - analogue of Afinitor

Evertor 5mg Everolimus - analogue of Afinitor

A number of new generation anticancer drugs are used in the world oncological practice. Their high efficiency has qualitatively changed the situation in the treatment of severe forms of cancer. The prospects of therapy for patients with this profile are broadened by the fact that, along with original drugs, it is possible to use their analogues. An example is a remedy such as Evertor 5mg, which is an analogue of the popular Afinitor drug. You can buy Evertor 5mg (Everolimus) - Evertor (Everolimus) - analogue of Afinitor in our online pharmacy. Description of the medicinal product Having a composition similar to the original product, Evertor is successfully used by oncologists in therapy, giving serious patients a chance to prolong their life. The production of this drug is carried out by an Indian pharmaceutical company, which for many years has been supplying the market with highly effective drugs for the treatment of oncological pathologies. The mechanism of action of the Evertor 5 mg agent lies in its ability to have a selective effect on the cells of malignant tumors. On this basis, the drug can be attributed to the group of inhibitors. Due to the content in its composition of the active substance everolimus, the drug completely blocks the development of the tumor. With a long course of treatment, malignant cells die, which prevents further metastasis of the tumor. Both doctors and scientists highly appreciate the potential of Evertor. After studying the results of the therapy carried out with his help, they came to the conclusion that Everton can extend the life of a sick person by an average of five years.

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Composition and form of release The basis of the Evertor drug is the active ingredient everolimus. It is due to the properties of this substance that the process of destruction of foreign cells is launched in the patient's body. Also, the composition is supplemented with some additional elements. This anticancer agent is produced in tablets. Each dosage unit contains 5 mg of active agent. Pills of ten are packaged in blisters. Each package with a medication is accompanied by instructions describing how to use the medication. To find out what is the price for Evertor 5mg (Everolimus) - Evertor (Everolimus) - an analogue of Afinitor - call our manager. Indications It makes sense to prescribe Evertor when all other methods of treatment that were used earlier have ended in vain. In most cases, therapy with the inclusion of Everolimus is carried out if the diagnosis is confirmed: • neuroendocrine tumors of various organs of the gastrointestinal tract, lung; • breast cancer in postmenopausal women; • renal cell carcinoma in any form: with metastases or widespread; • angiomyolipoma of the kidney, if there is no need for immediate surgical intervention; • giant cell astrocytomas (in patients after 3 years of age, if surgical resection of the tumor is impossible); Usually, about Evertor 5mg (Everolimus) - Evertor (Everolimus) - an analogue of Afinitor, patients leave good reviews . How to use Tablets Everter should be taken daily at the dosage recommended by the doctor. Treatment involves a single dose, so it is advisable to take the pills at the same hours. The tablets should be swallowed whole, and then washed down with a full glass of water. Such therapy should be carried out as long as the therapeutic effect persists.

Contraindications The therapy with the support of the drug Evertor 5mg (Everolimus) - Evertor (Everolimus) - an analogue of Afinitor in cases of: • pregnancy; • breastfeeding; • individual intolerance to the components of the composition; • young patients (under 18 years old). Side effects In the list of side effects that can be expected during treatment with Evertor, there are dysfunctions of almost all organs and systems. Therefore, any change in the condition of a patient who receives this type of treatment should be urgently reported to the attending physician. A specialist will be able to eliminate negative symptoms by changing the dose of the drug.

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