Evertor 10mg Everolimus - analogue Afinitor

Evertor 10mg Everolimus - analogue Afinitor

This substance belongs to the class of blockers of the rapid increase in the number of tumor cells, endothelium, fibroblasts and cells of blood vessels. The drug Evertor 10mg (Everolimus) - Evertor (Everolimus) - an analogue of Afinitor is prescribed in the presence of various cancers in the human body. It is indicated for advanced and / or metastatic cancers of the kidneys, mammary glands and neuroendocrine tumors. Reception instruction It is preferable to take the drug in the morning on an empty stomach or after a lipid-free meal. Take the drug only once a day, one tablet with plenty of cold water. It is forbidden to violate the integrity of the tablet by various chewing or crushing. If the patient cannot swallow the medicine, it should be put into a container with liquid. After waiting for complete dissolution, drink the contents. After the performed procedure, you need to pour water into the same container and drink again. This allows the last residues of the active ingredient of the everolimus solution to be carried away. Thus, in the stomach, the desired concentration will be provided, favorable for absorption. To find out what is the price of Evertor 10mg (Everolimus) - Evertor (Everolimus)- call our manager. The course of the drug therapy is strictly individual and it is selected only by the attending physician, who will directly monitor him: when the pronounced severity of the disease is eliminated, the drug is stopped. Reception is also discontinued in case of an obvious intolerance to the body of the toxic effect of the drug.

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Almost all systems of the human body are subject to side effects from the influence of the drug. The doctor, based on an assessment of the severity of the drug, should make a correction in a timely manner. If you are interested in the actual cost for Evertor 10mg (Everolimus) - Evertor (Everolimus) - an analogue of Afinitor cost - contact the consultant of our pharmacy. Overdose Overdose incidents were not recorded in the history of taking the drug. A dosage of no more than 70 mg is tolerated by the body without problems. Usually about Evertor 10mg (Everolimus) - Evertor (Everolimus) - an analogue of Afinitor there are good reviews . special instructions During treatment, it is necessary to monitor the state of the kidneys constantly. The course of therapy is immediately corrected if the daily concentration of creatinine in the human body is exceeded. The dosage of cyclosporine is reduced in this case. The rapamycin derivative is monitored by daily urine tests. It is important to establish its stable intake into the body. You can buy Evertor 10mg (Everolimus) - Evertor (Everolimus) - an analogue of Afinitor to buy in our online pharmacy.

Interaction with other drugs Parallel vaccinations along with taking the drug is contraindicated, because they will significantly reduce the effectiveness of therapy. The use of juices that contain grapefruit and other citrus fruits should be limited, and it is better to refuse altogether during the treatment. How to store The drug should be stored at a temperature that does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. It must be protected from direct sunlight and moisture

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