Evermil 10mg Everolimus - analogue of Afinitor

Evermil 10mg Everolimus - analogue of Afinitor

The line of modern anticancer drugs is constantly being supplemented with new drugs. Many of them are generics of already known products. For example, the Evermil product, which is produced by one of the Indian pharmaceutical companies, is a complete analogue of the Afinitor drug, which has already had a positive reputation in the treatment of cancer patients. You can buy Evermil 10mg (Everolimus) Evermil (Everolimus) - an analogue of Afinitor to buy in our online pharmacy. Description Evermil is identical in composition to Afinitor. Its therapeutic effect is provided by the same active ingredient - everolimus. Based on the properties of this agent, it can be concluded that the drug Evermil 10 mg refers to inhibitors with a selective effect. Once in the body, this component begins to actively block the growth of tumor cells. A similar effect is exerted on fibroblasts, vascular smooth muscle cells, endothelial structures. All these actions lead to a slowdown in the progression of the pathological process, and this increases the survival period of cancer patients by almost five years. But not only this creates additional chances even for hopeless patients. The fact is that against the background of therapy with the Evermil drug, the very quality of life of such patients is significantly improved. Experts came to this conclusion when they tried to comprehensively assess the impact of negative symptoms on various spheres of life of people suffering from cancer. If you are interested in current onEvermil 10mg (Everolimus) Evermil (Everolimus) - analogue of Afinitor cost - contact the consultant of our pharmacy.

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Side effects Of the side reactions that may appear during treatment, it is worth highlighting: • asthenia; • stomatitis; • skin rash, itching; • fatigue; • violations of hematopoiesis; • arterial hypertension; • anorexia; • fast fatigue; • headaches and other negative reactions. The doctor must know about the slightest change in the condition of the patient receiving the drug Evermil

Composition and form of release As already noted, the main active agent of the Evermil drug is everolimus. In addition to this ingredient, the composition still contains auxiliary elements: • lactose; • magnesium stearate; • crospovidone; • dyes. The drug is produced in tablets, which are packaged up to 10 units in blisters, and those in cardboard packages. It is recommended to take this anticancer drug only with the permission of your doctor. To find out what is the price for Evermil 10mg (Everolimus) Evermil (Everolimus) - analogue of Afinitor - call our manager. Indications Everolimus is prescribed mainly in situations where all types of previous treatment have not been successful. It makes sense to carry out therapy with this drug in patients with confirmed diagnoses: • renal cell carcinoma (metastatic or advanced); • neuroendocrine tumors (lung, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas); • breast cancer in the postmenopausal period; • giant cell astrocytomas (in patients after 3 years, if it is impossible to perform surgical resection of the tumor); • kidney angiomyolipoma, which does not require immediate surgical intervention. Usually about Evermil 10mg (Everolimus) Evermil (Everolimus) - an analogue of Afinitor, people leave good reviews on the forums. How to use Everolimus tablets are taken once every day. It is advisable to take the medicine at the same hours. It is more convenient to do this in the morning after a modest breakfast. The tablets cannot be chewed, they are swallowed whole, and then washed down with plenty of water. It is recommended to carry out therapy while the clinical effect persists. Contraindications It is impossible to carry out therapy with the drug Evermil 10mg (Everolimus) Evermil (Everolimus) - an analogue of Afinitor : • for pregnant women; • breastfeeding mothers; • young patients (under 18 years old); • persons with hypersensitivity to the constituent components of the product. It is also not recommended to take Evermil for patients with hereditary galactose intolerance or severe forms of lactase deficiency.

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