Crizocent Crizotinib - analogue of Xalkori

Crizocent Crizotinib - analogue of Xalkori

The pharmaceutical company Inceptapharma has expanded its line of modern anticancer drugs with a new highly effective product - the Crizocent drug. This drug is intended for the treatment of patients with non-small cell lung cancer. To find out what is the price for Crizotinib - Crizocent (Crizotinib) - an analogue of Xalkori - call our manager. Description of the drug The active substance krizonitib, which is the basis of this medication, provides the necessary therapeutic effect. This agent has an effect on the tyrosine kinase enzyme, since by all indications it is a selective blocker. In addition, krizonitib inhibits the growth function of hepatocytes. You can buy Crizocent (Crizotinib) - Xalkori analog in our online pharmacy. To date, Crizocent is the only remedy that has proven to be highly effective. The drug gives a higher survival rate of treated patients without progression of the process. This significantly increases its rating compared to traditional chemotherapy and other analogues. Today Crizocent is widely used in oncological practice in more than 70 countries around the world. AboutCrizocent (Crizotinib) - Crizocent (Crizotinib) - analogue of Xalkori reviews are mostly good.

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Side effects Since the standard course of treatment with Crizotinib is designed for a long period, the following negative effects may occur during therapy: • cardiac arrhythmias; • visual disturbances; • vomiting, nausea; • decreased appetite; • violation of motor activity; • insomnia; • skin rash; • shortness of breath; • pain in joints and muscles; • edema; • fast fatiguability. Other disorders of important functions may also be noted. In any case, only a physician is able to give a correct assessment of the patient's condition and decide whether to continue further treatment with Crizotinib. When storing this drug, the key point is to comply with the temperature regime - not higher than 25 degrees. If you are interested in Crizocent (Crizotinib) - an analogue of Xalkori cost - contact the consultant of our pharmacy.

Release form The drug Crizotinib is produced - Crizocent (Crizotinib) - an analogue of Xalkori in capsules. Each unit of the drug contains 250 mg of the active ingredient. The coated capsules are packaged in polymeric bottles. In addition to the main component that provides a therapeutic effect, the product contains additional substances. How to apply The instructions for use of the drug Crizocent provide for a single dose per day. Moreover, it is allowed to take the drug at any time without reference to food intake. If undesirable reactions are observed during treatment, the doctor may adjust the dose. The course of drug treatment is long. Therapy should be continued until a persistent therapeutic effect occurs. This requirement is due to the cumulative ability of the active substance, because when it accumulates in the body, the effect of treatment only increases. Contraindications The drug Crisosent cannot be prescribed in the following cases: • during pregnancy; • during breastfeeding; • underage patients; • with severe violations of the liver, kidneys; • when the patient has an individual hypersensitivity to the components of the composition.

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