Carm Spal - slept Carmustine for injection

Carm Spal - slept Carmustine for injection

he drug Carm slept (Carmustine) - Carm Spal (Carmustine) for injection has immunosuppressive, anticancer, cytostatic and alkylating effects on the body. The action is based on inhibition of the activity of enzymes that are responsible for the processes of oxidative phosphorylation, and also provide mitosis and synthetic energy processes. The drug must be taken in accordance with the instructions of the attending physician due to the high risk of side effects. The active ingredient is carmustine. Under its influence, breaks are formed in the DNA molecule, as a result of which DNA synthesis changes. If you are interested in Carm Spal (Carmustine) - Carm Spal (Carmustine) for injection price- contact the specialists of our online pharmacy. They will provide all the necessary information regarding the indications for the use of this drug, its cost, as well as the conditions for purchasing an injection solution.

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Who is appointed? The drug is serious, it can affect the body in different ways - that is why the therapy is carried out under the supervision of the attending physician. As a rule, the remedy is prescribed to persons who have the following diagnosis: • malignant neoplasms of the brain (primary); • the presence of metastases in the brain with neoplasms, which can be localized throughout the body; • stomach cancer; • myeloma (in combination therapy); • colorectal cancer; • widespread melanoma; • lymphogranulomatosis; • lymphomas of non-Hodgkin origin. As you can see, the drug can be used for various types of cancer. Nevertheless, before Carm slept (Carmustine) - Buy Carm Spal (Carmustine) for injection , it is imperative to undergo diagnostic measures - which ones are determined by the doctor.

Who should be treated with caution? The doctor must assess the benefits and risks of therapy if the patient has the following pathologies: • bone marrow depression after radiation or chemotherapy; • acute ailments that are bacterial, fungal or viral in nature; • chronic renal or hepatic failure; • smoking - due to increased toxicity, which can provoke impaired lung function; • children, old age - the effectiveness of the application, as well as the safety of therapy has not been established. On different sites on Carm spal (Carmustine) - Carm Spal (Carmustine) for injection costmay vary - this is due to the number of suppliers who are involved in the delivery of the anticancer agent. Our Internet pharmacy works directly with all manufacturers, which means that the prices for the products presented here are the lowest. Here you can also read about Carm Spal (Carmustine) - Carm Spal (Carmustine) for injection reviews of people who have already been treated - they are mostly positive.

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