Bortenat Bortezomib 3.5mg - analog of Velcade

Bortenat Bortezomib 3.5mg - analog of Velcade

Bortenat - Bortenat (Bortezomib) - an analogue of Velcade 3.5mg - is an antineoplastic drug produced in the form of a lyophilisate for the preparation of a solution intended for injection into a vein. The drug acts to suppress proteins that are responsible for tumor growth, as a result, the progression of the disease slows down. If you need the medicine Bortenat - Bortenat (Bortezomib) - analogue of Velcade 3.5mg analogue for treatment , you can buy it by contacting our online pharmacy. We have a wide range of certified medicines. For all available medicines, including Bortenat - Bortenat (Bortezomib) - an analogue of Velcade 3.5mg, the price is lower than on other resources. Indications for use The agent is used in the treatment of lymphoma from cells of the mantle zone, as well as multiple myeloma.

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Side effects As they say about Bortenat - Bortenat (Bortezomib) - analogue Velcade 3.5mg reviewsdoctors and patients, the drug can cause the following negative reactions: • deterioration of vision clarity; • insomnia; • difficulty breathing; • shortness of breath; • bowel disorder; • nausea and vomiting; • headache; • depressive state; • dehydration; • skin rashes; • increased fatigue; • lowering the level of hemoglobin. The list of side effects that this drug can provoke is quite large, therefore, treatment with its use should be carried out under the strict supervision of the attending physician. Intrathecal administration of the drug is strictly prohibited. Before using it and during treatment, it is necessary to observe changes in the values ​​of the clinical blood test. The leukocyte formula is monitored without fail.

Mode of application According to the instructions for use, the drug is administered intravenously or subcutaneously. The dose will vary. For intravenous administration, the drug is prescribed at a dosage of 1 mg / ml. If the administration is subcutaneous - 3.5 mg / ml. The prescription of the medication, as well as the determination of the dose, should be dealt with only by an experienced specialist, whose instructions must be strictly observed. Contraindications The drug is not prescribed in the presence of the following conditions: • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug; • diffuse infiltrative lung disease in acute form; • age less than 18 years; • severe liver dysfunction; • carrying a baby and breastfeeding.

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