BDEnza Enzalutamid 40mg - Analogue of Kstandi (XTANDI)

BDEnza Enzalutamid 40mg - Analogue of Kstandi (XTANDI)

BDEnza (Enzalutamide) - Analogue of KSTANDI (XTANDI) - a drug that is prescribed to men with a diagnosed metastatic tumor of the prostate gland in a severe stage. This disease usually progresses in a short time. The main active ingredient of BDEnza is enzalutamide, a substance that is a potent inhibitor of androgen receptors. It acts on cancer cells to inhibit their growth. In addition, as shown by the test results of the drug BDEnza (Enzalutamide) - Analogue KSTANDI (XTANDI) reviewsexperts have confirmed this - in some cases it caused the death of tumor cells and regression of the disease. If you need this drug for treatment, you can purchase it from our online pharmacy. We have many drugs, including BDEnza (Enzalutamide) - Analogue of KSTANDI (XTANDI), the price of which is significantly lower than on other sites. Mode of application The drug is available in the form of gelatin capsules for oral administration. The medicine should be swallowed whole, not opened or chewed. Reception is carried out daily, at the same time, regardless of the time of eating. The standard dosage is 160 g, which corresponds to four capsules. The attending physician should be responsible for calculating the dosage and duration of treatment. It is impossible to independently reduce or increase the daily daily dose.

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Side effects According to the results of clinical trials, as well as reviews of patients who took this drug, during therapy with its use, the following adverse reactions may occur: • asthenia; • increased fatigue; • anxiety; • migraine; • memory impairment; • decreased concentration of attention; • feeling of heat; • pressure increase; • itching and dryness of the skin. You should ask your doctor for more information about possible side effects. He also needs to be informed about all emerging negative reactions. Treatment should be carried out under the strict supervision of a specialist.

Contraindications The remedy is not prescribed in the presence of the following conditions: • age less than 18 years; • allergy to the constituent substances; • severe liver failure.

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