Aflibercept Zaltrap 100mg

Aflibercept Zaltrap 100mg

Zaltrap (Aflibercept) - Zaltrap (Aflibercept) is a drug, the main active ingredient of which is aflibercept. This is the name of a recombinant fusion protein that has the property of blocking the work of receptors called VEGF. It is due to this that the growth of new vessels is suppressed, which provide the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tumor. Gradually, the neoplasm stops growing, and in some cases it ceases to function altogether, due to which there is a possibility that the patient will be cured of the cancer. Who is appointed? The price for Zaltrap (Aflibercept) - Zaltrap (Aflibercept) is high, but the drug belongs to a new generation of drugs, has quality certificates and is quite effective. As a rule, experts prescribe it after the passed diagnostic measures, and if the doctor has established that it is possible to undergo therapy using that remedy, such a chance cannot be lost. As a rule, it is prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer with multiple metastases, if chemotherapy is ineffective. In addition to Zaltrap, irinotecan, fluorouracil, calcium folinate may also be prescribed, depending on the patient's condition, neglect and size of the neoplasm. If you need Aflibercept - buy Zaltrap- you can do it here. Cooperation with our organization has its advantages: • we offer only certified drugs; • adequate prices for all products; • guaranteed information support from consultants; • we organize fast delivery.

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What are the contraindications? You can not take the drug if the patient has an individual intolerance to the components. Due to the lack of experience in treating children under the age of 18, the drug is also not prescribed. In addition, treatment should not be started if there are the following pathologies: • severe bleeding; • increased blood pressure; • heart, liver failure in chronic form. Do not carry out treatment for pregnant and lactating women, with caution prescribed to the elderly. For Zaltrap (Aflibercept) - Zaltrap (Aflibercept), the cost is indicated on the website, if there is no data, you can always contact our company representatives, they will provide all the necessary information. Application during gestation, as well as during lactation There are no data on the conduct of therapy in pregnant women, but there is information about studies that specialists have conducted on animals. An embryotoxic and teratogenic effect was revealed, which means that adverse effects can develop during pregnancy - this is why this drug is not prescribed to pregnant women, as well as to those planning a pregnancy. In other cases, the reviews about Zaltrap (Aflibercept) - Zaltrap (Aflibercept) are good.

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