Afinitor Everolimus 5mg

Afinitor Everolimus 5mg

Afinitor (Everolimus) - Afinitor (Everolimus) is an effective antineoplastic agent for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma, metastatic or advanced, if anti-angiogenic therapy is ineffective. In our internet pharmacy the most favorable price for Afinitor (Everolimus) - Afinitor (Everolimus) . Drug action The antitumor effect when using Afinitor is achieved due to its ability to slow down the growth of tumor cells, as a result of which the growth of the tumor stops and the strength of the manifestation of the disease decreases. The use of Afinitor (everolimus) can reliably reduce the proliferation of cancer cells in metastatic cancer and reduce the risk of death of cancer patients by 67%. In addition, the use of the drug can significantly improve the quality of human life. In our online pharmacy you can buy Afinitor (Everolimus) with delivery.

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Afinitor's reception The drug is taken daily, at the same time, preferably on an empty stomach, or after taking a small amount of low-fat food. The tablets cannot be chewed, they are taken whole with 200 ml of water. The therapy continues until the clinical effect disappears. The usual dosage is 10 mg of the drug daily, taking one dose. If severe side effects appear, the dosage can be adjusted downward to 5 mg daily; in some cases, the drug may be suspended until the negative manifestations disappear. In case of impaired liver function, the dosage can also be reduced, while in renal pathologies and in elderly patients, the dosage is not adjusted. To find out what is the cost of Afinitor (Everolimus) - Afinitor (Everolimus) - contact the manager of our site.

Undesirable side effects Reception of Afinitor can lead to the development of negative side effects: • the most frequent manifestations are skin manifestations in the form of a rash, inflammation of the mucous membranes, swelling, dry skin, itching; • no less frequent negative side effects are stomatitis, nosebleeds, shortness of breath, upset stools, nausea and vomiting, specific cough, fatigue; • much less frequent infections and development of pneumonitis, as well as hemoptysis; • also possible headaches, anemia, sleep disorder; • edema of the eyelids, conjunctivitis; • decrease or loss of taste, stomatitis, dry mouth; • high blood pressure; • pain in the abdomen; • aggravation of the course of diabetes mellitus; • frequent urination during the day; • chest pain; • slow wound healing. Severe side effects occurred in about 40% of patients taking Afinitor. One of the most severe side effects is an exacerbation of viral hepatitis B, up to a lethal outcome. Contraindications for use Afinitor is not prescribed: • during pregnancy and during breastfeeding; • patients under 18 years of age; • serious liver pathologies; • in the presence of individual intolerance to any component of the drug; • simultaneous use of the drug with some inducers is prohibited; • intolerance to galactose, lactase deficiency; • in the period before surgery. In addition, reliable contraceptives must be used for the entire period of therapy with Afinitor, and for 2 months after its end. Treatment with this drug should be carried out only under medical supervision, with periodic monitoring of renal function, as well as blood glucose levels. About Afinitor (Everolimus) - Afinitor (Everolimus) reviews are only positive

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