Afanix Afatinib - analogue of Giotrif 40mg

Afanix Afatinib - analogue of Giotrif 40mg

Preparation Afanix 40mg (Afatinib) - Afaniks (Afatinib) - Giotrif analog is an antineoplastic agent and inhibitor. It is used in the case of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer with mutations or metastatic squamous cell lung cancer. But it is worth remembering that the appointment of this remedy requires professional advice. Self-medication is dangerous, because with the wrong dosage, there is a high risk of aggravating problems and exacerbating the disease. general information You need Afanix 40mg (Afatinib) - Afaniks (Afatinib) - buy an analogue of Giotrif if the symptoms of diseases have overcome. It works on a special principle, greatly facilitating the well-being of patients. The form of the product is pills. They are film-coated to facilitate swallowing. If you decide to purchase Afanix 40mg (Afatinib) - Afaniks (Afatinib) - an analogue of Giotrif, the price of which is indicated in the catalog, then first pass the necessary tests. They will allow you to determine the state of health and characteristics of the course of the disease. Only then can you start taking the drug under the regular supervision of a professional.

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What side effects can occur with therapy? Specify Afanix 40mg (Afatinib) - Afaniks (Afatinib) - analogue of Giotrif cost in pharmacies in your city. But do not forget that non-compliance with the recommendations of professionals leads to the following problems: • dry eyes, conjunctivitis; • nosebleeds, cough; • diarrhea, nausea, vomiting; • heart failure; • kidney and liver diseases. If you do not want to face such problems, go to your doctor. He will carefully study the test results and diagnose the body in order to minimize the risk of side effects. How does it work? Powerful Afanix 40mg (Afatinib) - Afaniks (Afatinib) - an analogue of Giotrif, reviews of which are positive, is a blocker of protein tyrosine kinase receptors. Signaling from homodimers and heterodimers is stopped. As a result, the patient is recovering, and the disease gradually recedes. It is better to undergo treatment in a hospital setting. You will be supervised by a specialist who will promptly adjust the drug intake regimen. He will monitor your well-being, preventing its deterioration. That is why go to your doctor who will help you deal with all the important points, eliminating unpleasant situations during therapy.

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